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Our Products

We at AFC firmly believe in only using the best industrial-grade product suite for all installations,whether they are industrial, commercial or residential jobs. Whether we are installing a coating for your factory,warehouse, restaurant, garage or pool deck, our industrial-grade product suite is the only logical and acceptable choice because when given a choice, a customer rather pay for a coating that is high-performance, chemical and stain resistant, durable, and does not have to be resealed annually or replaced within a couple years.

We install only our superior industrial-grade (not merely commercial grade, but the far superior industrial grade!) seamless product suite called Pinnacle-Performance Seamless Floor, Inc. (PPSF) Products. They are high-performance industrial-grade multiple-component products. Our epoxies and urethanes are products engineered for the high performance demands of the industrial environment,yet equally desireable and cost-effective for less demanding installations because all customers deserve the highest performance products available. Our epoxies and urethanes are highly chemical and stain resistant and are long lasting. Our PPSF Urethanes are truly aliphatic. Aliphatic PPSF epoxies are also available.

Specialized PPSF products such as Novolacs and Commercial Kitchen formulations are available for special industrial commercial needs.

Our experienced AFC representatives would be privileged to discuss our product line and product attributes with you and assess which of our PPSF products will most effectively meet your flooring needs.