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Decorative Concrete Coating Systems
Surface Cleaning and Preparation
Removal of Existing Coatings

Decorative Concrete Coating Systems

We offer an large variety of seamless floors included but not limited to:

Cementitious Systems/Decorative Concrete

  • Stone effects such as Slate, hand-carved stone, Flagstone
  • Monolithic Granite or Slate effects
  • Two-color knockdown
  • Tile effects such as Granite, Mexican Tile, Travertine
  • Seamless patterned effects including Brick, Paver, European fan, Cobblestone, Medallions

Cementitious Terrazzo

Chip Floors

  • Accent coverage (sparse chip)
  • 100% chip coverage

Epoxy Quartz floors

Epoxy and Urethane coatings; in clear, pigmented, or metallic

Industrial Novolac coatings, Commercial Kitchen coatings

Static dissipating floors

Concrete Densification systems

Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stained Concrete looks

Custom Looks:

  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Art
  • Custom Logos
  • Custom Patterns
  • Custom Borders

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Cleaning, Surface Preparation and Removal


Surface Cleaning and Preparation

Surface Cleaning and Preparation is one of the three essential areas which ultimately effect the success of a coating. It is a chief determinant in whether or not a coating will peel. More often than not, proper prep involves more than the standard acid wash/neutralize/pressure clean procedures. In most cases, shot blasting is far too aggressive. In recent years, studies have proven that shot blasting often effects the integrity of the substructure, often resulting in substructure fractures, which can become more evident as time goes on.

We own specialized industrial equipment designed especially to handle the task of creating a proper profile on the floor surface which facilitates a much more reliable adhesion of the coating to the surface. What does this mean? Our coatings do not peel!

You may hear that this is unnecessary for a patio or entryway. However, we have found huge success utilizing what we defined to be Best Practices Surface Preparation. We firmly believe that Surface Preparation is one of the crucial aspects of an installation which simply cannot be compromised or skimped on.

Crack Repair

We do perform crack repair on surfaces with minor cracks. While most cracks never come back, it is important to note that an installer can not fairly and rightfully warrantee or guarantee, with 100% certainty, that crack repair will prevent the possibility of reemerging cracks or the appearance of new cracks. The possibility of cracking (reemerging or otherwise) is inherent in the nature of the substructure and is effected by many uncontrollable factors influencing the substructure itself such as earth movement, hydrostatic pressure, integrity of the substructure itself when it was poured or during curing, etc...

There are more technologically advanced crack repair systems available now. They can be quite costly, because they are extremely labor intensive and the materials are very costly. However, they are usually reported to be quite successful and are usually accompanied by a some type of warrantee.


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Removal of existing coatings

It is preferable, often mandatory, to remove existing coatings before recoating a surface. On occasion it is possible to coat over existing coatings if they are structurally sound. However this practice is not encouraged because if the old coating pops, the new coating will come with it. We usually recommend removal of existing coatings.

Removal of existing coatings, even epoxy or urethane coatings, is a task that must be done the correct way. This is not an area one wants to cut corners. It is not enough to remove epoxies with a paint stripper. We have the expertise, experience and necessary industrial equipment to properly and thoroughly remove existing coatings and properly prepare the surface for a successful new coating.

It is important to note that after removal, it is far more aesthetically desireable to install some type of seamless floor coating system, unless it is an area that will be covered with carpet or wood.

Removal of Carpet, Glue, Tile, Wood

On some occasions, we can install concrete coatings over existing tile or wood surfaces without removing the tile or wood. This opportunity will vary by job and highly depends on the integrity and condition of the tile or wood.

Glue residue must be professionally removed. A glue solvent does not completely do the trick becuase it does not completely remove the glue from the pores of the substructure. Our industrial equipment is the right thing for the job.

We have the expertise, experience and necessary industrial equipment to properly and thoroughly remove most existing elements covering a substructure and properly prepare the surface for coating.

We cannot reiterate the point enough, that proper and thorough surface prep is a critical step in coating success. It is a smart and necessary aspect of your investment and corners should never be cut for the sake of the budget.

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